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Toolfin.com is owned by Toolfin Oy and it has been operating in Finland since the beginning of 2016. We sell quality tools and hardware online. We stock all of our products in Finland and all of the products, that are in stock are ready to be delivered to all domestic addresses within 1-2 days.

We offer wide range of quality tools to all over finland to many different customers, such as garages, hobbyists and diy enthusiasts etc. We are constantly improving our services and product range and it has been at constant growth since the start of our operation. One of our main goals is to offer fast and reliable service, as well as quality products for a good price. At the moment we already sell quality products, such as NEILSEN, US PRO, BERGEN, VEWERK, VORLUX etc..

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Contact details:

Toolfin Ltd.
Company reg. no: 2789246-7


Toolfin Oy
Kaskentie 15

Tampere office:

Voionmaankatu 75 G 83

Contact details:

Email: info@toolfin.com

Oskari Pyy:+358405896750